Return Policy

Exchange / Return Policy
※Please confirm the option information such as the color and quantity of the product before purchase. Once the payment is successful, the default is to agree to the return policy.
In general, after we receive the returned product, it takes about three weeks to send a refund to the customer.
1. Cancellation of application instructions before delivery
When the order status is ‘Payment Successful’, the customer can apply for cancellation/refundation to the customer service. After the customer service center confirms, the customer can be notified again whether the order can be cancelled/refunded.
*Cannot cancel order if the order status is "Product preparation"
2. Delivery and return exchange application instructions
For products that meet the return conditions, please be sure to contact the customer service within 7 days of receipt and provide relevant information, we will confirm the processing as soon as possible.
Customers who have received the return notification will be returned within 3 days of receiving the notice and will not be processed after the deadline.
1. Bad and wrong goods
1) When the customer requests a return and refund, the delivery department can only process the refund after signing the receipt, and the return shipping cost will be borne by this website.
2) When the customer requests to re-deliver the original product, the round-trip shipping fee will be borne by this website.
2. Return application for personal reasons
1) When returning and refunding for personal reasons, the delivery department can only process the refund after signing the receipt, and the return shipping cost must be borne by the customer.
2) When it is required to change to other goods for personal reasons, the return shipping costs shall be borne by the customer.
3. The following circumstances do not support the return and exchange application:
1. Goods that are more than 7 days from the date of receipt
2. Goods that affect secondary sales due to opening or damage.
3. Discounted merchandise and merchandise purchased with points.
4. Return the goods without prior application for return.
5. The official website has listed the goods that cannot be exchanged and returned.